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Welcome to Lion Fruit Farm.

Lion Fruit Farm is a strawberry picking farm situated in a beautiful rural town of Chikuzen-machi, which is only about one hour’s drive from the Fukuoka city center.

Lion Fruit Farm is the largest strawberry picking farm in the Kyushu area, with 21 greenhouses built over an area of approximately 20000㎡.

There are many varieties of strawberry grown in Lion Fruit Farm, including Amaou strawberries which are the speciality of Fukuoka prefecture.

For the comfort of the visitors, all the strawberries are cultivated by “high cultivation technique”, growing strawberries at a height of around one metre above the ground, so that it is easier to pick strawberries. The grounds in the farm are also covered with sheets to keep your feet clean.

Escape from you busy lifestyle and indulge yourself with the taste of freshly picked sweet strawberries in the beautiful nature of Chikuzen-machi.

Why you should visit Lion Fruit Farm


  • You can try and enjoy many different types of strawberries.
  • The high cultivation technique we employ on our farm provides a more comfortable and hygienic environment for strawberry picking.
  • The farm offers other activities such as “Make-your-own jam” cooking sessions.
  • The farm is fairly close to Fukuoka city, and offers a convenient location for tourists to experience the rural Japanese environment.
  • The farm is close to popular tourist spots such as Dazaifu Tenmangu and Kyushu National Museum.


60 mins (all you can eat)Reservations only

Period Adults Children (3-12yrs old) To take away
Start of the season –
7th of April
2200yen 1700yen 280yen/100g
8th of April –
6th of May
1900yen 1400yen 220yen/100g
7th of May –
End of the season
1400yen 1000yen 160yen/100g
Strawberry Season
Mid December – Late May
Strawberry Varieties
Amaou, Benihoppe, Kaorino, Akihime, etc.
Irregular (The farm is closed depending on the conditions of strawberries.)
※ The availability is subjected to the conditions of strawberries and also the time of the day.
Free parking
100 spaces
Group Reservations
The farm can accept the maximum of 200 persons at one time.
No reservations can be made for commercial tours organised by travel agents, and for groups only with take-away strawberry purchases.

Opening Hours

Registration Opening hours
9:45~ 10:00~15:00 Reservations only
※ If you are more than 30 minutes late for your reservation, it will be canceled.

Getting Here

By Car
Enter the following address in a GPS navigation system:
〒838-0221福岡県筑前町吹田1478-1 ℡0946-42-5556 Map Code: 55 191 018
1. Drive down towards Chikushino city from Fukuoka area on National Route 3
2. Turn left at the Harisuri intersection onto National Route 386, and drive towards Asakura city
3. Turn left at the Ishibitsu intersection, and drive for about 2km to Lion Fruit Farm.

○15 minutes from Chikushino Interchange (IC) in Kyushu Expressway
○20 minutes from Chikugo-ogouri IC in Oita Expressway
○25 minutes from Mizuki IC in Fukuoka Urban Expressway
○20 minutes from Dazaifu Tenmangu and Kyushu National Museum.

By Public Transport
1. Get off at Asakura-gaidou station.
2. From Asakura-gaidou station, catch a bus towards Asakura city.
3. Get off at Ishibitsu bus stop
4. Walk for approximately 20 minutes to Lion Fruit Farm.
By JR train:
1. Get off at Futsukaichi station.
2. From Futsukaichi station, catch a bus towards Asakura city.
3. Get off at Ishibitsu bus stop.
4. Walk for approximately 20 minutes to Lion Fruit Farm.
By taxi
  • Approximately 9 minutes (5.5 km) from Chikushi Station (Nishitetsu train station)
  • Approximately 11 minutes (6.8 km) from Haruta Station (JR train station)
  • Approximately 50 minutes (24.1 km) from Hakta Station (JR train station)

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